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  • Are you licensed and insured?
    Yes! The Fence Company is fully licensed in the State of Mississippi and Tennessee and insured for your protection. We are happy to provide our W-9 and a certificate of Insurance Liability if you wish.
  • Do you use contract labor?
    We hand pick certified installers. We mentor and coach our installers on the best fencing installation techniques. We have spent hours researching, learning, and training on all aspects of fencing to be equipped with the knowledge to successfully complete your fence in the most efficient way possible with very little waste and in a timely manner. Our installers must agree to a set of standards for each install including depth of each post, best practice install techniques, and many more.
  • Do you build decking or pergolas?
    No. Fencing is our passion and specialty.
  • How long will it take for you to install my fence?
    An average size residential yard is about 200 linear ft. We strive to complete around 200-250 linear feet in a day. This depends on how soft/hard the ground is and if we encounter tree roots or limestone.
  • Do I need to get the fence permit first?
    We recommend asking your HOA what is allowed in your neighborhood and knowing if there are covenants requiring you to have a specific type of fencing. Next, get on our schedule for your fencing installation. The Fence Company will be happy to assist you with any fence drawings on your plat for the HOA approval. Third, take your HOA approval letter to your city building/planning department and get your fence permit. Click here for permit applications.
  • Do you use nails or screws?
    We use a ring shank galvanized nails. This nail is designed to grip the wood and allow for only minimal bleed. Because a nail is metal and bleeding is inevitable even with a galvanized coating, we counter sink the nail into the picket to direct the bleed into the center of the picket versus down the face. We do not use screws. Screws drive the price of the fence installation up because it takes more man hours to use them. As well, screws are more likely to bleed than nails even if they are galvanized. The reason there is more bleed is because as the screw is screwed into the wood, and the galvanized coating is stripped off the screw either from the wood itself and/or the drill tip.
  • How soon can you install my fence?
    This is a seasonally dependent question. All work is performed in the order in which our terms are signed, and a deposit is received. The lead time is strictly based on our workload, not a predetermined schedule. We strive for 4-6 weeks. However, it has been sooner or later. Please call our office to get an up-to-date answer 662-806-7800.
  • Do you give free estimates?
    Yes! If you have measured and can give us your linear feet over the phone, we can give you a quote usually that day. Some quotes take longer if we need to consult our suppliers. If you do not know how much fencing you need, our online quote tool can find your home via satellite and is very accurate with calculating your linear feet. We can give you a quote based on the linear feet from our quote tool right over the phone. If your home is in a new subdivision and will not show on the satellite we can look at your plat given to you by your builder and give an estimate of your yard size for a quote over the phone. Onsite consultations are $100 and are taken off of your final payment once you book with us.
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